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Annual LUNA Pro Team Photo Camp

Once again, the LUNA Pro Team gathered together at their annual photo camp in sunny northern California, headquarters home of Clif Bar and Family.

But this year the team switched things up by basing the entire camp on Clif owners Gary and Kit Erickson’s new land near Napa, CA.  Just down the street from their home, the outgoing couple recently purchased a “croquet property” (literally!). 

The entire team and staff stayed in the same house, adjacent to the double diamond patterned field where much of the photo shoot went down.  There were whispers that certain athletes were sneaking out at night to practice their extreme angled wicket roqueting techniques.  After all, the “stakes” are always high for the pros this time of year.

All stroking aside, team manager Waldek Stepniowski decked out the girls with fresh kits of Squadra, Prana, and shoes by Pearl.  Outfits were topped off with stellar new helmets by Giro.  2013 Orbea bikes were buffed by lead mechanic and equipment manager Chris Mathis and assistant mechanic Dusty LaBarr.

Danelle, Shonny, and Suzie’s secret XTERRA stretch

er…all this powered by Clif!

Can you guess all the 2013 components?

yes, the pros must still train during photo shoots!

After a couple days of up and backs, back and forths, and “just one more time” camera passes, photographer Rich Adam’s action shoot successfully wrapped. 

Mountain bike ride/shoot with staff

Dave Mac displays grace under pressure

Croquet competitors

The next day the team descended the mountain to Clif Family Winery’s Velo Vino, from which they rode 40 miles of road with 40 friends (after 40 more team shots, of course). 

Those friends included team sponsors, TLC guests, and well… more friends of Clif Bar Family.  The ride featured none other than Gary and Kit leading out towards the vanishing Franz Valley on their tandem bike.

As team General Manager Dave McLaughlin summarized, “that fierce croquet match followed by a smooth group ride, surely made this camp “wicketly fun”.

Suzie Snyder is packin’

Relaxing at Velo Vino

Thank you Gary!


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