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Andrea Waldis wins Omnium Swiss Nationals track race
Race Report

Grenchen, Switzerland (March 12, 2017)

23 year old Andrea Waldis won the Clif Pro Team's first track event, the UCI Swiss Track Omnium.

The track women's Omnium is a four race event:
1) Scratch race- all riders start together and the objective is simply to be first over the finish line after a certain number of laps
2) Individual (tempo) pursuit- 3,000 meters for elite women, two cyclists begin the race from a stationary position on opposite sides of the track
3) Elimination race- At the end of every lap or every set number of laps the last rider to cross the line is eliminated from the race
4) Time trial/points- 500 meters, women compete individually against the clock to record the fastest time over the specified distance from a standing start

Since 2014, Waldis has been training and racing in the winter occasionally on the track.

Here is Andrea's report:

"The training on the track is since 2014 part of my winter training. But last Thursday there was again since five years national championships for women. It fit really good in my calendar so I decided to take part."

"After the Olympics in Rio, UCI made a new Omnium Race Format. It has always started with a scratch, where I placed 4th. My legs were not really ready than. But then there followed a Tempo Race which I was able to control and take the win. I also won the elimination and the final points race."

"I raced also last January a ladies Omnium and I learned from all the mistakes and made it better this time so am really happy with this title. Racing on the track is really interesting! You have to be smart and make the right move on the right time. But I still prefer my mountain bike, especially the training outside."

"I am really happy with this result. Riding bikes is just a pleasure!"

Final Results- UCI Swiss Track Omnium

1 Andrea Waldis
2 Aline Seitz
3 Virginie Perizzolo Pointet


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