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One week we’re racing in the heat at the Sea Otter Classic, the next we’re on a plane to Europe and frequenting the local bakeries…. and of course riding and racing lots too.

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– by Catharine on 04/29/2009

We arrived in Chile yesterday morning, which gave us plenty of time to unpack bikes, eat lunch and check out the course.  I was riding like a ninny- lots of travel and lack of sleep don’t really do much for my technical skills…
Our hotel is way up in the moutains and the road up has more twists, turns and switchbacks than any road I’ve ever been on.  It takes about 40 minutes of coasting downhill to get to the course- and it’s a beautiful ride (which would probably explain the hundreds of cyclist we passed riding up and down the road on our way to and from the course).

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– by LUNA on 03/26/2009

That’s how it’s been going these days. Things have been going well the last few weeks: weather has been fantastic, road and trails have been in great shape and I’ve been whipping up some delicious food items in my spare time. This year I’ve been getting out for some more group rides and have been enjoying the Tuesday-Thursday rides from Peloton Cycles- they are short but hard (and they leave at 11:07- don’t ask me why). Ben has been consistently kicking my butt on all our training rides, and that has been helping me to dig deep. And when you dig deep, you have to eat cookies… (My lame attempt at weaving in a cookie recipe).

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– by LUNA on 03/07/2009
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