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The LUNA Chix Pro Team is the most successful, longest-running team in the history of professional MTB racing. LUNA Chix Pros have been in the Olympics, won world championships in MTB; the overall UCI MTB World Cup title three times; and countless national MTB and cyclo-cross championships in the United States, Canada, and the Czech Republic.


About: LUNA on 07/27/2015
Race Report
Ramping up towards the North American World Cups, the LUNA Pros took on some strategic training events. Catharine Pendrel stepped in and won the first three stages of the new Singletrack 6 stage race, formerly the Trans-Rockies in Canada. Katerina Nash raced the entire 3-day Leadville Stage Race, and finished second overall after winning the last two stages. Andrea Waldis took 13th in the European Championships in the U-23 cross country event.
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