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Goodbye Triathlon, Hello Run

The DC LUNA Chix Triathlon Team is closing up shop. It is with heavy hearts that we, the team, say goodbye to our tough little tri team. After years of swimming, biking, and running our way to a multitude of successes with the wonderful women in our community we embrace something new.

This year our focus will shift from multisport to solely running. With the close of this chapter we are looking forward to continuing the journey as the DC LUNA Chix Run Team. To all of our triathlon-focused friends, keep it up; we are all thrilled with your growth as athletes and as friends. We will still see each other on our local trails, and at races, at the track, just like normal. It has been an honor for us to see you out there, taking on yourself, your goals, and pushing your limits.

As a run team we will continue to hold weekly track workouts, host longer monthly runs, and run focused clinics throughout our season that begins in April and continues until the end of October. This website will be disappearing around March, to learn more about the 2016 program please refer to our Facebook page and our Instagram account, simply search for DC LUNA Chix on either platform. For more information on what we are doing in MD please refer to our teammate Cynthia’s blog http://yousignedupforwhat.com and in VA you can check out my blog at http://findyourinnerpace.com.

Before we officially start out our 2016 run season, we want to take a moment to share the gratitude we associate with our former tri team. A dear friend recently introduced me to this quote from Mark Allen. Next time you press yes to register for a race, the next time you put a goal out there in the world and make tracks to meet it, remember these words. There are a lot of them, so if nothing else race with gratitude.

“Race With Gratitude - ...In the heat of competition it’s easy to get stuck on what is not going well, which causes you to lose sight of how lucky you are to be able to race. In the big picture of life, your finish time or place will have little bearing on the sun rising or the seasons changing. When it gets tough, remind yourself that you are the one who put yourself in the race. No one forced it upon you. Find that place within yourself that is grateful to be alive and fit enough to even consider undertaking a triathlon. For every one of you, there are millions who dare not dream such a grand adventure for their lives.” - Mark Allen

Mark Allen hits the nail on the head, training, racing, towing that start line is a choice. What you do out there on the course is your business, the improvements or struggles you have are also your own. The part about LUNA is we traveled to the start line with our friends. Heather Schimmel said it perfectly, “By providing an outlet for my athletic endeavors to be about more than me, I’ve gained so much more than I’ve given. Dear friendships, new experiences, personal growth, and more laughs than I count are among the gifts I’ve received for saying yes to the opportunity when it presented. I’m so grateful I did.” That is what we as a team are all about.

As nerve wracking as racing can be seeing faces you know doing exactly what you are doing, cheering you on, offering a wide smile, is what we hoped to project and to foster. Some of us always seemed to end the day on the podium while others of us were just thankful to get across the finish line. We are not pros, we are not elite, we are a team of women who lucked into a wonderful moment. For that we are all so grateful to LUNA and to you for joining us on this ride.

Here are some words from my other teammates on what this opportunity has meant to them and their thoughts on racing and moving through life with gratitude.

Sports and me have not always gotten along. I was never THE best or THE fastest or THE star player. 

What I’ve found with LUNA and this began with my VERY first track practice period ...WAS a community of super bad-ass women who not only race with gratitude but LIVE with gratitude. Without their example I’m pretty sure I would have missed out on a lot of life. Because of their example I dare to dream of grand adventures. 

-Sarah Kenworthy

I’m grateful for having triathlon in my life. It came when I was seriously insecure about my body and it’s appearance and it’s abilities. It took several races to see my race photos and not cringe on seeing myself in full spandex. But in my opinion, if you can rock the full spandex suit, you can rock most any uncomfortable situation!

I’m grateful to have LUNA in my life because of all the great, empathetic, compassionate women I’ve met. I spent most of my first season injured, and the team still accepted me as one of their own and I found ways to be useful without being able to race. Ultimately through this team I learned to be ‘OK’ with myself, wherever I am, at that particular moment. It’s important to be able to forgive yourself, foremost. To be nice to yourself. And to run (for miles, and in life) on your own timeframe, and not anyone else’s.

-Stephanie Becthold

I’ve been a runner for years now, but delving into triathlons a few years ago would not have been the same without the LUNA Chix. I learned a lot and was inspired by seeing women just like me doing this stuff.

-Cynthia Steele

Team LUNA Chix DC Tri has been so much more than a run of the mill triathlon team. It’s an inspiring and motivating community of incredible women who support each other towards the accomplishment of goals once considered to be unattainable dreams. I’m so proud to have been a part of this wonderful initiative, and indebted for the fabulous friendships and experiences it has generated.

-Claire Lazarus

I have always struggled with feeling like I was different, on the outside looking in.  I have never considered myself an athlete; I didn’t start running until I was 40 (we wont discuss how old I am now).  LUNA gave me a group of women to feel a part of, who accepted me even if I was not a podium finisher, they were always there on the course or at the finish line to cheer me on. Thanks to LUNA I can consider myself an athlete and be proud of my accomplishments.  And now, I can share with other women what they have given me, its all about “Paying it Forward”.

-Amy Malla

And with that, POOF, we are a run team! We will be back out in our official capacity in April with workouts, LUNA Bars, and big laughs. We all look forward to seeing you out there.

– by Heather J on 2016/01/21


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