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A fast car requires premium fuel. To perform at its best during an endurance race, your body requires premium nutrition. Whether your are training for a marathon, triathlon or century ride, getting “nutritionally fit” in advance of the big day is just as important as logging your weekly mileage.

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Nervous about the swim leg of your upcoming triathlon? You are not alone. Going from a calm swimming pool with all the space you need to a choppy lake or ocean with hundreds of swimmers (and other life forms) is enough to make anyone a little anxious. You can always work on your swim technique, speed and fitness in the pool, but it’s equally important to get some open water group swims into your training to practice things like drafting, sighting a buoy, swimming in a pack, and getting used to your wet suit. Here are some open water basics to keep in mind while training for your tri.

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Quick Tip

Join a group, stay motivated.

We’re all in this fitness thing together. One surefire way to stay motivated is to work out with a friend or join a group, like a local team LUNA Chix, that meets to run, cycle, swim, whatever. Not only is more fun to exercise with some pals, it also gives you a sense of obligation to get your butt out the door on even the nastiest days.

Drinking while cycling.

When you’re on the bike, 12 ounces of water every half hour is a good rule of thumb, so make sure your bike has room for a couple of bottles. For longer rides where you’re not planning to stop (woo hoo!) you’ll want to kick your gear investment up a notch with a large hydration pack.

Turbo charge your run.

If you always practice at the same pace, you’ll always run at the same pace. You need to do intervals if you want to get faster. Start with 30 seconds hard every five minutes and work your way up to five minutes hard and five minutes easy. Play AC/DC, Jack Johnson, AC/DC, Jack Johnson…

Be a stronger swimmer.

To improve your swim performance, practice rotating from the hips, and dragging your fingertips on the recovery. Use a kickboard to focus on strengthening your leg. A pull buoy and paddles can help you work on your arms.

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Another great way to stay motivated?  Enter an event. Whether it’s a charity ride for a cause you really care about or a competitive race, having a goal to work towards can really give you that extra push to pull on your workout gear and go.

Fueling for a ride.

Carbs are what you want—about 30-60 grams of carbs per hour, depending on your weight and pace. This can either be in solid or liquid form (try a LUNA Bar or some Clif Shots) but be sure to eat before you are hungry. Forgetting to fuel means you’ll run out of gas mid-ride and have to call your roommate to come pick you up in her car. Embarrassing.