Team Luna Chix

Bringing women together through
sport and a common cause

Team LUNA Chix Program

The program includes LUNA Chix Local Teams, Sponsored Athletes and the LUNA Chix Pro Team. The LUNA Pro Team includes some of the world’s most winning professional athletes while the LUNA Sponsored Athletes include women who are excelling at their sport while also balancing motherhood, careers and training.

The local LUNA Chix teams include women of all levels, from beginners to casual competitors. These teams bring women together to learn a new sport, stay active and encourage other women in their communities to participate in the fun. Together the teams train, compete and support each other, while fundraising for LUNA's non-profit partner, the Breast Cancer Fund.

Breast Cancer Fund logo

“Team LUNA Chix and the Breast Cancer Fund are a match made in heaven. We share a passion for women’s health and wellness, and we’re tireless in our work to prevent breast cancer”

–Jeanne Rizzo, Breast Cancer Fund

How It Started

Watching his young daughter Lydia on a beach in 2001, Gary Erickson, wondered what the future would hold for her as a woman and an athlete. Ignited by this moment, the idea of Team LUNA Chix was born.

Pro Team

Top-tier women athletes who compete in mountain biking and cyclocross for a living and for a cause.
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Sponsored Athletes

The LUNA Sponsored Athlete program supports competitive female athletes.
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Local Teams

Bringing women together interested in learning new sports, staying active and inspiring others to do the same.
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